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    Our Services

What We Do?

We focus primarily on servicing the import and distribute and pioneered tailor-made solutions such as Direct Delivery services in Sri Lanka with combined multi-modal transportation solutions. Our services are professional and efficient and often exceed the expectations of our clients across different industries.

  • Retailing

    Our backward integration has enabled us to produce and supply quality produce to our end customers. We are pioneers in providing international ambience and quality in fresh vegetables and fruits retailing, ensuring optimum freshness and quality of the produce.

  • Wholesale

    Apart from the export and retailing, we are also supplying fresh vegetables and fruits to Insitutional customers like star Hotels and retail chains.

  • Packing

    Our customers' wishes are foremost, also with respect to retail packaging. Our own experts ensure that products are packed under the right circumstances and exactly as specified by the client: in the right quantities and using the right packaging material. Supermarkets especially value this additional service when they for example require combinations of exotic products or separately packaged products in 'keep fresh' packaging.